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October 2018 BreathChamps Founder wins major national nursing award

The founder of BreathChamps, Queen’s Nurse Heather Henry, has been named as a top nurse leader by the Foundation of Nursing Services, a charity based in London.

The Sue Pembrey award, set up by Sue’s family and friends in her memory, recognises excellence in nurse leadership. Dr Sue Pembrey was one of the UK’s outstanding nursing leaders of the late twentieth century. Her primary contributions included supporting the academic development of clinical nursing and the development of nursing practice through the strengthening of the ward sister’s leadership role and pioneering a commitment to patient/person-centred hospital care.

Heather started her nurse training at Manchester Royal Infirmary. She was awarded the honorary title of ‘Queen’s Nurse’ in 2013 by the Queen’s Nursing Institute, which recognises quality in community nursing. On the anniversary of the 70th birthday of the NHS earlier this year she was named as one of 70 health and care top stars.

The judges commented:  ‘Outstanding, a true pioneer, highly innovative and passionate. Heather is working as a social entrepreneur and innovator to empower and give voice to and connect disadvantaged communities with the resources to help themselves- through connecting with others.’

Professor Tony Long of the University of Salford said: ‘Heather has embraced the challenge of bringing about change for individuals and families in the current climate, adopting 21st century devices to overcome the lack of financial resources.’

‘Heather’s projects include one to improve the relationship between fathers and their children, enhancing the paternal role in childcare and stabilising the family in order that it can resolve more of its own problems. Another is a choir for children with asthma. She harnesses the hidden abilities in the local community: inspiring, motivating, leading, supporting and finally handing over control to the families that were involved.’

Heather herself said: ‘I am very humbled to receive the Sue Pembrey Award 2018 and I want to thank the family and friends of Sue and the Foundation of Nursing Services for giving me this opportunity to highlight my work.’

‘Sue was a pioneer of person-centred care and I hope that I can continue that tradition now in my work, partnering and innovating with communities experiencing deep disadvantage and social injustice, in order to improve wellbeing.’

‘I want to dedicate this award to the communities I work with and in particular to the fathers, children and mothers of Salford, from whom I have learnt so much about how to tackle inequality.’

May 2018: BreathChamps Vooms into View!

BreathChamps has entered the race to receive an impact award for its work with children with asthma in communities.

As part of Virgin Media’s Voom Impact Awards, BreathChamps has put forward its work to receive a social impact award of £20,000.

Voting is now over and it is up to a panel of judges to decide whether BreathChamps might be a winner of this award.

To view the pitch, click here



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