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BreathChamps 2 hour workshops

BreathChamps are volunteers from the community who want to learn about children’s asthma so they can pass it on to other people in their communities. This learning programme is suitable for:

• Staff of schools, playgroups and nurseries
• Community group leaders such as Brownies, Guides, Scouts, Cubs, Cadets, parents groups
• Patient leaders, such as members of local patient participation groups and ‘experts by experience’
• General practice nurses, community nurses, health care assistants, nursing associates
• Nurses in outpatients, respiratory specialist nurses, and hospital play leaders
• GPs and physicians associates
• Practice managers and receptionists
• Community pharmacists and dispensing/pharmacy assistants
• Housing officers and community development workers
• Anyone else who has a passion to help children with asthma

When local people and local workers come together at our workshops
everyone learns from each other!

Two-hour workshops can be set up locally so anyone over 16 years old can learn:
• What is asthma
• The best way for children to take their inhaler
• The difference between a preventer and a reliever inhaler
• How children with asthma can get a good night’s sleep
• How to spot an asthma attack
• What to do if a child has an asthma attack
• How to help children with asthma who may be anxious
• What triggers asthma and how to avoid those triggers
• What a personal asthma action plan is
• Who can help when you think things aren’t right
• A range of ways to do group consultations on GP surgeries, community venues and schools
• A template for ‘Asthma Parties’: a course of 4 groups consultations
• A fully customisable resource pack of songs, stories, games, poems, puppetry and craft ‘pick and mix’
activities to use at your own pace and in your own way

We aim to make having asthma ‘a bit more cool’ and will provide a full resource pack of songs, stories, games, poems, puppetry and craft activities so you can ‘pick and mix’ activities to do in your own community, at your own pace.

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