BreathChamps helps children, families and communities to learn about asthma in fun ways

“The Big Bad Wolf has asthma and can’t blow the Piggies’ house down. Can the children you know show him which inhaler to use… and how to use it?”

BreathChamps came from the imagination of a nurse with asthma called Heather Henry. She has developed and tested out lots of songs, stories, poems and puppet shows. These can help children, families, communities and the services that work with them to learn about asthma. In this way she hopes that the level of community knowledge will increase and people will look after each other better.

Heather believes that communities are full of knowledge, strengths and skills. By harnessing those talents, communities can be more self sufficient and strong, with residents – especially children – helping one another.

“Can nine-year-old Captain Fearless slay the Wheeze Monsters using just her magic goggles and her inhalers? Find out how…”

The NHS spends £1 billion a year treating people with asthma:

  • It is very common – 1 in every 11 children in the UK has asthma
  • A child is admitted to hospital every 20 minutes in the UK
  • Nearly half of the deaths of children with asthma are avoidable (National Review of Asthma Deaths 2014)
  • The NHS spends £1 billion a year treating people with asthma (Asthma UK)

BreathChamps therefore aims to share knowledge with as many  local people as possible so:

  • Fewer children with asthma need medical care and so fewer NHS resources are needed
  • Families, schools and communities are happier and more confident

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